2014 Empire State Marathon Results

2014 Race Results ! 

Congratulations to all of our 2014 Half, Full Marathon and Relay finishers.

                           MALE OVERALL RESULTS
       PLACE NAME                 AGE     TIME    RESIDENCE       
           1 Jeff Mogavero         20   1:16:07   Canton          NY
           2 Jamie Hospers         22   1:17:00   Rochester       NY
           3 Jon Eng               23   1:17:34   Norwood         NY

                          FEMALE OVERALL RESULTS
       PLACE NAME                 AGE     TIME    RESIDENCE       
           1 Laura Anderson        27   1:28:46   Rochester       NY
           2 Murphee Hayes         40   1:30:32   Marathon        NY
           3 Melissa Weiner        37   1:30:42   Ithaca          NY

                           OVERALL MASTERS MALE
       PLACE NAME                 AGE     TIME    RESIDENCE       
           1 Martin Beauregard     43   1:30:17   Mascouche       QC

                          OVERALL MASTERS FEMALE
       PLACE NAME                 AGE     TIME    RESIDENCE       
           1 Jennifer Suggars      45   1:35:15   Cornwall        ON


Spirit of the Marathon II

Roger Robinson’s Spirit of the Marathon II Featured at Pasta Dinner

Roger Robinson Author

Roger Robinson Author of                 Spirit of the Marathon

Both Switzer and Robinson will be speaking at the dinner.  Robinson will be introducing the feature movie “Spirit of the Marathon II that will show during the pasta dinner.  Tickets to the Dinner and a Movie can be purchased at the active.com registration  or at the expo by 10 am on Saturday, October 18th.  Tickets for the Dinner and a Movie are $25 with proceeds benefiting Team RWB.  Team RWB has been an official charity of The Empire State Marathon since the Inaugural race of 2011.   Screenings of the acclaimed new feature film will be held by special arrangement at The New York State Health and Wellness Expo and Pasta Dinner held at The Maplewood Inn, 400 7th N St, Liverpool, NY 13088.

Spirit of the Marathon II: Rome

From the film-makers who created the award-winning documentary Spirit of the Marathon, the sequel is visually even richer, its stories even more inspirational, and its music even more memorable.

It follows seven real-life runners on their journey through the spectacular streets of Rome. It puts their dedication to running in the context of real human lives, some with more than a touch of tragedy. The runners are of all levels of ability, and live in Rome, Rwanda, New Jersey, California, and Ukraine. The film explores their lives in all those locations, plus footage shot specially in Ethiopia, New York, and other iconic marathon locations.

For the Rome Marathon itself, unique camera access puts the viewer right into the race, sharing the marathon experience in a way only the first Spirit has ever before achieved on screen.

The stories of the modern running boom, the transformative rise of women’s running, and the role of Italy and Rome in marathon history are explored through interviews with marathon greats like Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, Paula Radcliffe, Stefano Baldini, Haile Gebrselassie, and the late Grete Waitz; and with legends and experts like women’s running pioneer Kathrine Switzer and distinguished author Roger Robinson, who will both be present at the Empire State Marathon screenings to introduce the film.

Spirit of the Marathon II has already been acclaimed as “the best running film ever made” (Running Times).

For the trailer and other materials click here.



Kathrine Switzer and Roger Robinson

Kathrine Switzer and Roger Robinson

Kathrine Switzer, one of Syracuse’s most iconic athletes, returns to the scene of where it all began when she attends the Empire State Marathon here as a special guest on October 17-19.

Switzer and Robinson

Kathrine Switzer and Roger Robinson

Switzer will be a speaker at the pre-marathon pasta party on Saturday evening at The Maplewood Inn at 6 pm. In addition, her husband, author and runner Roger Robinson who will be joining Switzer at the Pasta Dinner, with a special showing of the film Spirit of the Marathon II and have available the companion book to the film, which he authored.  Both, Switzer and Robinson will be available throughout the race weekend to meet and greet the public.  Hence, it will be a  “Dinner and a Movie” theme.

Switzer will be launching a new line of 261 Fearless running clothes at The New York State Health and Wellness Expo.  Be sure to catch the fashion show 261 Fearless Collection - Kathrine Switzerheld during the expo.  Interestingly, Switzer’s old Boston bib numbe’261’ has very recently come to symbolize ‘fearlessness’.   And, at The New York State Health and Wellness Expo, where Kathrine will be signing and selling her memoir Marathon Woman, she will also be hosting her new line of sportswear called, “261 Fearless”, sold under the popular Skirt Sports, Inc. brand.  The fashion show will be held on Friday and Saturday at the expo.

Switzer changed sports history in 1967 when, as a Syracuse University student, she officially registered and finished the famous Boston Marathon, becoming the first female to do so. It was still a men’s only event in those days and Switzer’s entry created a worldwide uproar when the race director attacked her mid-stride and tried to remove her from the event. The photo of this incident flashed around the globe and became one of Time-Life’s “100 Photos that Changed the World.”

Radicalized by the incident, Switzer then devoted her life to creating sports opportunities for women and campaigning for sports equality. She went on to create a global circuit of women’s events in 27 countries and lead the drive to get the women’s marathon included in the Olympic Games (1984). She then became an Emmy award-winning television commentator on the sport, authored three books, and along the way ran 39 marathons and won the New York City Marathon. Her best marathon time of 2 hours 51 minutes was run in 1975, and was then the 6th best time in the world and 3rd best in the USA.

But it all really began on an autumn afternoon in 1966 when Kathrine, a junior studying journalism at S.U.’s Newhouse School, walked onto the men’s cross country course at Drumlins Golf course and asked the coach if she could run on the team. There were no women’s sports teams in those pre-Title IX days. The coach could not permit her to run officially on the team, but welcomed her to train with them.

Like many newbie area runners, Kathrine was quickly ‘adopted’ by the kindly marathon veteran, postal worker Arnie Briggs, who had been running and helping with the men’s teams for 30 years. Kathrine was the first girl who ever showed up, and Arnie took her under his wing, showed her how to run and regaled her with his old marathon stories.

 Soon Kathrine was ‘hooked’ and wanted to run the Boston Marathon and nagged Briggs into training her. When she proved she could run the 26.2-mile distance, he helped her register for the race. There was nothing about gender in either the rulebook or on the entry form. Switzer signed her entry with her initials, ‘K.V.Switzer’ and was given bib number 261.

When race co-director Jock Semple saw Switzer running in his race, he became infuriated, jumped off the lead press bus and attacked her. But in a flash Semple was bounced out of the race instead by Switzer’s burly boyfriend, who was running with her and Briggs.

A sports spectacle became a political outcry, as photos of the confrontation were beamed around the world.  As Switzer puts it, “The incident changed my life, and as a consequence, changed millions of women’s lives, and men’s too, for that matter.” She continues, “There are now more women runners in the United States than men—56%. This has happened in my lifetime. It’s more than running; it’s a social revolution as women around the world are embracing running and becoming empowered because of it. People will see that in abundance at the Empire State Marathon events, which likely will be as or more popular with women as men. Isn’t that fabulous?”


Empire State Marathon ‘s West Side Story!


Syracuse, NY —September 17, 2014—There has been some rumbling about the West Side; it’s not the Upper West Side neighborhood in New York City, rather the West Side Trail of Onondaga Lake Park in Onondaga County. It is official! The new course will be ready for the 2014 Empire State Marathon and The Empire Crew are proud to announce a new flat, faster and safer Boston Qualifier course.   It will allow the marathon runners to enjoy the main highlight of the race, Onondaga Lake Park with spectacular views of Onondaga Lake throughout the course.

In 2010, it was the vision of Brian Collins,Race Director, to have a race that would loop Onondaga Lake Park and in 2014 we have almost reached that goal. It is with excitement and gratitude to those who have worked very diligently to ensure the readiness of the new course for 2014. Course directors, Mike Gasparek and Dick Searing, have looked at many options and feel confident that runners will be pleased with many aspects of the new course plan.

Empire State Marathon Course 2014

Course Update for 2014

Onondaga Lake Park will close the West Shore Trail of the park during the race, so that the space and room for the runners will be solely dedicated to the enhancement of many PRs.

The marathoners will start at NBT Stadium, proceed onto Onondaga Lake Parkway, continuing onto the East Shore Trail, exit, as before, onto Cold Springs Road across the new bridge, turn onto Hayes Road and turn around at the intersection of Surbrook Rd. and Hayes Rd. They will then head back to Cold Springs Rd, Back into Onondaga Lake Park where they will follow the East Shore Trail to Long Branch Rd., then turn and head west over the bridge entering back into the park on the West Shore Trail and follow it all the way to its end. They will return back through the park and over the bridge to the East Side Trail and finish at NBT Stadium.   Relay legs will be approximately 6-7 miles each.

The marathon course for 2014 will give the runners a beautiful view of the park and the Seneca River. Other benefits include a safer and more secure course for the runners, volunteers and spectators, with many viewing areas to cheer on their runners.

“It’s exciting, said Brian Collins, “We will be giving the participant a better running experience to enjoy the beautiful autumn colors and lake views, and a course that relaxes the race director and its course director from much worry when we can eliminate most of the open road portion of the course”.

Fleet Feet Syracuse Training Programs

Registration for Fleet Feet Syracuse Training Programs is open through August 6 — Location for training is at Onondaga Lake Park on Wednesdays and Green Lakes State Park on Sundays. The meet up times are Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m. and Sundays at 7:30 a.m.
Goal Race: Empire State Half marathon, Wineglass Half Marathon or any fall half marathon
Coach: Mandy Howard Marathon Training meets at Long Branch State Park on Wednesdays and Green Lakes State Park on Sundays. The Program meets Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m. and Sundays at 7:30 a.m.
Who: Anyone looking to run any Fall Marathons are invited.
Goal Race: Empire State Marathon or any fall marathon
Coach: Fred Joslyn

For more information visit FFS Running Programs

Athlete Guide

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The New York State Health & Wellness Expo

The New York State Health & Wellness Expo opens tomorrow at Noon, located at Driver’s Village in Cicero.   The health and wellness expo exhibitors include:  Ronald McDonald House of CNY, Team RWB, St. Joseph’s Imaging, Upstate Orthopedics, Fleet Feet Syracuse, Nathan Hydration, Pacific Health Labs – Accel Gel and Accellerade Drink, Addaday MassageDirections to Drivers Village, Rebel 105.9, CNY Woman, GiGi Playhouse, New Balance, Syracuse Chiefs, Brickhouse Cafe, Onondaga Lake Park, Byrne Dairy, Pacific Health Club, The Vitamin Shoppe, Hope For Heather, God’s Country Marathon, Fit Planet and more.  There will be educational seminars on Saturday.  Further information will be announced soon.  The Empire State Marathon, Half and Relay athlete packet pick up will be hosted by The New York Health and Wellness Expo. Registration for all all the races is open at the expo.  Also, want to create a sign to support your runner come to the expo, we will have all the supplies.  In addition, come out and register your little runner in the family for The Empire Flyer, a family fun run that takes off Sunday following the start of the Half Marathon from NBT Bank Stadium.

Food for Your Muscles & Your Soul

The Empire State Marathon pre-race pasta dinner will do more than just fuel your muscles; the official race dinner has paired up with Team RWB to also help fuel your soul.

Team RWB, a national organization founded by a Syracuse native, Mike Erwin, has a mission to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.  Empire State Marathon is an official Team RWB event. The Pasta Party serves as a fundraiser for the local chapter.

The pasta dinner will be held at Fleet Feet Syracuse on Saturday, October 19th with seating starting at 6 p.m.  The catering is by Angotti’s Family Restaurant. The dinner will feature guest speakers and a silent auction throughout the meal.  Fleet Feet Syracuse is located at 5800 Bridge Street, East Syracuse, NY 13057.

If you didn’t sign up for the Pasta dinner when you registered for the Empire State Marathon, you can still attend by purchasing tickets at Fleet Feet Sports anytime between now and Tuesday October 14.  Tickets for the Pasta Dinner are $25.

We encourage you to “Wear the Eagle” proudly and consider joining the chapter in your area!

Exhibit at the New York State Health & Wellness Expo

Join us on October 18 and 19 at the New York State Health and Wellness Expo.  Meet the runners of The Empire State Marathon, Half and Relay.  Exhibtors will have a chance to share their products and services with athletes, family members, and friends.  The expo is free to the public to attend.

Sponsor and Expo Booth Information




Test out the Fleet Feet Training Program on Thursday August 1.

Fleet Feet Sports Training Programs offer you the coaching and camaraderie over every mile and gets you ready for race day.

 Fleet Feet Sports half marathon training is designed to help you train for the Empire State Marathon. Participants are given comprehensive instruction on how to properly prepare for a half marathon and train as a group in a non-competitive atmosphere.

On August 1 at Long Branch Park, Fleet Feet Sports welcomes you to test out our Half Marathon Training Program and meet the coaches. The race directors from Empire State will also be at the practice to answer race course questions.

 Join us for our first practice to see if the Fleet Feet Sports Half Marathon Training Program is for you.

Fleet Feet Sports Half Marathon Training Program    empire state half marathon

Begins August 1, 2013

Thursdays at 5:45 p.m. at Long Branch Park

Sundays at 7:00 a.m. at Green Lakes State Park

Program costs $150 and includes 24 coached training sessions and a tech shirt.

Registration into the race is paid separately

For questions, contact Mandy Howard by phone at 315-446-1444 or by email.