2015 Marathon and Half Maps





The start and finish will take place at NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse. Adequate parking will allow runners easy access to the parking facilities and all entertainment adjacent to the start and the finish, as well as an easy exit after the race is over.


• Both the Marathon and Half-Marathon courses head North on a shared course to Onondaga Lake Parkway, Route 370, allowing for a wide-open start en route to Onondaga Lake Park. ( approximately 3 miles).

• The course enters Onondaga Lake Park at the South end (across from Heid’s ) and then continues to the most Northern end along the paved trail on the Eastern side of the park and exits onto Route 370 (Cold Springs Road).

• The half marathon turn -around will be at this point ( 6.55 miles).

• The Marathon course continues North over the Seneca River and takes the first left onto Hayes Road and turns around at Surbrook Rd and heads back on Hayes Rd takes a right onto Colds Springs Road and back into Onondaga Lake Park

• Runners follow the course back to Long Branch Road turn right and cross the bridge and then enters back into Onondaga Lake Park onto the West Shore Trail

• Marathoners will follow the West Shore Trail till the turn around and back to Long Branch Road where they turn right and go back over the bridge.

• Once they reach the turn back into Onondaga Lake Park they will follow the East Shore Trail.

• The course heads South on Route 370 (Lake Shore Parkway heading toward the Finish at NBT Bank Stadium. 26. 2 miles.